3rd Canadian Cannabis Conference

Attend the scientific conference of the year focusing on cannabis and its medical use

With good reason, the interest generated by cannabis and its virtues is undeniable. Scientific research is expanding the range of possible uses for hemp and cannabis, whether for health and wellness or for industrial purposes. On May 19, at the invitation of PurCann Pharma, more than 200 cannabis industry stakeholders will meet in Quebec City for the 3rd Canadian Cannabis Conference to discuss a host of current topics.

PurCann Pharma, the leader in the extraction and purification of molecules from hemp and cannabis, firmly believes that the future of cannabis-derived products for medical purposes will generate a multiplication of uses and a growth much more interesting than the sole use for recreational purposes, and this, in the very short term.

This conference will be an opportunity to take stock of the latest scientific advances and the most promising avenues for the therapeutic and medical use of cannabis. Many scientists from Europe and North America will be present to share their perspectives in this regard.

Among other prestigious speakers, the Canadian Conference on Cannabis will welcome Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo, holder of the Canada Excellence Research Chair in the Microbiome-Endocannabinoidome Axis in Metabolic Health at Laval University and one of the most cited researchers in the world; Jason Moscovici, of ROBIC; and Michaela Freedman, consultant specializing in the cannabis industry and its regulation.

Participants will also be able to learn about and discuss the latest market trends, regulatory and legal advances in the various jurisdictions, and even discover new uses of cannabis, for example in the cosmetics industry. Join us in Quebec City next May for this major event

Learn more: www.conferencecannabis.ca