PurCann Pharma is specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of cannabinoid-rich extracts from hemp and cannabis grown in Canada

PurCann Pharma produces and markets cannabinoid-rich extracts from Canadian-grown hemp and cannabis. The purified and standardized extracts, rich in cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA and THCA), are sold in bulk or as finished products, such as oils, softgels, sprays, skin creams, gummies, etc.

PurCann Pharma also offers Toll and Contract manufacturing services (CMO), Private Label, R&D, extraction, purification, and packaging services.

PurCann Pharma is fully licensed by Health Canada to carry out Cannabis processing, and R&D.


A Member of Groupe SiliCycle

PurCann Pharma is a subsidiary of Groupe SiliCycle, a company with over 25 years of experience with extracting and purifying active ingredients from natural biomass.

PurCann Pharma, through its association with SiliCycle, is supported by a
multidisciplinary team of experts, laboratories, and a state-of-the-art extraction-purification plant.


Industrial Production Capacity

PurCann Pharma is housed in SiliCycle Inc’s top-of-the-line facilities, located on a 165,000 ft² site in Quebec City’s Parc Technologique. The state-of-the-art factory, built in 2009 and further expanded in 2019, now occupies more than 45,000 ft², including 9,000 ft² of laboratories and 20,000 ft² of manufacturing and packaging space - a total investment of $45 million. An additional 4,300 ft² has been built and will be operational in late 2022.


The site is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations Good Production Practices (GPP). In 2022, PurCann Pharma intends to implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


The new plant expansion and the installation of high-tech equipment allows PurCann Pharma to transform several tons of biomass per week and produce thousands of bottles or sprays per day.


Our Partners

• Procurement: Twenty organic or traditional producers of hemp and cannabis from Quebec and Canada.


• Sales: Tyche, a subsidiary of PurCann Pharma in British Columbia, SiliCycle, PurCann Pharma itself, and many distributors serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetical and food industries.


• Science: Laval University, NRC, CERVO research centre, Trans-Biotech, CENET, etc.



PurCann Pharma has entered into hemp and cannabis supply agreements with producers who are committed to providing high quality products.


Producers must provide Certificates of Analysis (COA) attesting that their products respect all Health Canada criteria regarding cannabinoid concentration, microbial counts, heavy metals levels, pesticides residues, etc.


To ensure that all biomasses are in total compliance with Health Canada’s quality criteria, PurCann Pharma carries out random sample analysis on all newly delivered biomass.



In addition to its own regulatory affairs team, PurCann Pharma and SiliCycle have over 25 years of experience in tight quality control and quality assurance.


With over fifty dedicated scientists, QA specialists, and QC analysts, we guarantee the purity, consistency, and standardization of our products.


Our Quality of Service

PurCann Pharma benefits from the know-how of Groupe SiliCycle’s 25 years experience.


Customer service and technical support have been fundamental principles of the company since its creation.


Our management team and technical experts will quickly respond to your requests.

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