7 brands to serve all markets

OOVIE offers a selection of cannabis products, made from pure extracts, with the aim of promoting overall health. A lineup of authorized over-the-counter therapeutic self-care products isoffered in authorized retail locations, and our medical products are made available with a doctor’s prescription.


OLLOPA offers a range of high THC products made for recreational use. These products are available for sale in specialty stores.


Mood Ring seeks to awaken the world to the wonders of cannabis. Ridiculously good products that deliver totally unique experiences.


PanHash is committed to bringing you the safest, highest quality, most environmentally friendly cannabis products imaginable.


Bargain Brand aims to offer a range of good quality cannabis
products at good price.


Driven by a desire to help Quebecers and to better serve them, CHARLEBOIS CBD products are designed around well-being and comfort to help people live their best life.



The Tyche brand specializes in the development and manufacture of CBD products made from hemp.

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