A license to sell products for medical purposes

QUEBEC CITY, Jan. 11, 2022 – SiliCycle Inc., a company working in the health field, founded and established in Quebec, takes a major step allowing it to directly reach medical customers. The company has obtained approval to sell directly to consumers with a prescription for medical cannabis. It is through its subsidiary PurCann Pharma and under the OOVIE ™ medical brand that the first products will be available on the Quebec and Canadian markets in the coming weeks.

Sale to consumers

SiliCycle, through its subsidiary PurCann Pharma, will market various products rich in CBD. Thanks to the unique expertise in extracting and purifying ingredients from natural biomasses and in fine chemicals developed over more than 26 years, the company transforms cannabis and hemp into purified and standardized extracts rich in CBD.

The products marketed under the OOVIE ™ brand will primarily be intended for medical customers who have a prescription authorizing their purchase and consumption. OOVIE ™ medical products will be composed of high-quality CBD extracts, highly pure, constant and standardized.

Products that hit the market over the next few weeks will be found in the form of CBD oils, sprays, creams and capsules. Users will therefore have access to standardized products at stable concentrations, without fluctuation in CBD content. An important step forward which meets the requirements of prescribing physicians.

Supplier of pharmaceutical companies

SiliCycle has been providing ingredients that go into a multitude of pharmaceuticals and drugs since its founding in 1995. The company has a reputation for providing products of the highest standard and of impeccable quality.

The company has chosen to invest in the cannabis market by taking advantage of this quality of production and high standards. Today, customers can be sure they are getting very high quality, consistent, and high purity products.


It is in a state-of-the-art factory in the Technological Park of Metropolitan Quebec that the production of cannabis and hemp extracts takes place. Built in 2009 and expanded twice since, the plant occupies more than 45,000 square feet, including 9,000 square feet of laboratories and 20,000 square feet of manufacturing and packaging space – an investment totaling $ 45 million. The site is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. PurCann Pharma’s dedicated space for operations has undergone further expansion in recent months to support the industry’s rapid growth. The Good Production Practices (GPP) of Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations are implemented there, and the BPF (GMP) standards will be implemented in 2022-2023.


We are all excited and proud to finally be able to deliver our products directly to consumers. Medical users can have confidence in our products which are of the highest quality according to pharmaceutical standards. SiliCycle has been active in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years and has respected the highest standards since its very beginnings.

Our ambition is to become a cannabis company that offers pharmaceutical grade products. We have a very high level of expertise and this market segment is currently unoccupied. Very few companies in the medical cannabis industry have pharmaceutical industry-recognized processes like we do. We are confident that users will see this difference. “

Hugo St-Laurent
President & CEO of SiliCycle and PurCann Pharma